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Dr Pradeep Vaidya

National society for emergency and disaster risk management is an autonomous and non governmental organization established in 2019 AD. Experts working for disaster management in the health care system have come together to form this society. The society aims to ensure disaster management policies in the health care system to be guided by the evidence and experts. We are committed to work for the risk reduction and capacity building so that more lives are saved during the event of disaster. We hope to collaborate with government and non government agencies for the common objectives.

The society will work in providing training in various aspects of disaster management related to the health care sector. We hope to work at the central, province and local level to build up the capacity as a part of preparedness, assist in response activities and support in the resilience of the health care system. We are also determined to work in the area of research in emergency and disaster medicine to synthesize and bring out new evidence.