Simulation Exercise

Simulation Exercises

Simulation exercises is valuable in health sector as it helps to prepare well. This type of exercises can be done in any sector of health, however it plays a crucial role in disaster preparedness. There are four types of simulation exercises: table top, drill, functional exercise and full scale simulation exercises. It is not very helpful to perform full scale simulation exercises without preparation and capacity building. At the initial stage of planning and development, table top exercises are good to find the gaps. Once the activities and actions are set, those activities can be tested and fine tuned with drills. For example, triage activity can be tested with drill and improved as per the finding of the drill. Once every components of activities of the system are set, the coordination mechanism needs to be addressed in the policy and practice. This mechanism can be tested with functional exercise where injects are given but simulated patients are not mobilized. This is followed by full scale simulation exercise,  where the system can be tested once the capacity building has reached operational level. In this type of exercise victims are mobilized (video link below).

Simulation exercises are important part of health care. Its practice needs to be implemented from medical school as a part of training to testing of hospital system, and national policy.


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