Leadership in Health

The importance of leadership in healthcare was seen during Covid-19 when the whole world was confused and relied on the healthcare system to steer and guide the planet towards certainty, to continue human efforts towards progress, and safeguard the human development related to health in all aspects. In line with the concept that leaders are not born but made, there have been many initiatives to train leaders in all sectors including health. Leadership has many definitions and varies from context to context but the simplest way to define leadership is the ability to influence others to attain your goal.

There are different levels of leadership, and competencies of leaders based on the foundation of the character of the leader that is built over a period of time with training, experience, and responsibilities and measured during disasters, pandemics, and tough times. Leadership in today’s world means simplifying the complexities of health issues and putting everything you have learned into practice.

With the right competencies and characters, everyone in the healthcare system can become a leader, all you need is a set of guiding principles, a few mentors, and an aim to learn from each and every situation.

Are you prepared to be a leader in the healthcare system today?

 Dr Naveen Phuyal
[email protected]


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