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National Society for Emergency and Disaster Risk Management is a non profit making, non political and non governmental organization established to support the development of emergency, disaster risk reduction and response activities. It is legally registered as a company under company act 1977 at the company registrar office in 2019 and at the Social Welfare Council on disaster medicine is an evolving field of medical science.

In this unique and ever changing field therefore the professionals should opt for academic excellence. This deeper understanding of disaster management principles and procedures can help better prepare for disaster. The NSEDRM is an organization that is motivated to provide a platform for deeper understanding of disaster medicine for emergency care providers in Nepal, so that significant advances in systems related to the disaster cycle are bound to follow. The more the knowledge spreads, the better prepared we are as a society to respond to the next catastrophic event.

Therefore, NSEDRM aims to work under the norms set by National Disaster Risk Reduction and Response Act 2016 and the disaster risk reduction and management rules(2019) for the health care sector of Nepal.


To contribute in developing and establishing Emergency and Disaster risk reduction and response activities in Nepal


To improve the health care system in preventing( decreasing) loss of life and morbidity during disasters.


  • To conduct health sector related training activities related to disaster preparedness, response and recovery
  • To coordinate with the government for development of guidelines related to health sector during disaster
  • To produce educational materials for health care worker and general public
  • To conduct research in emergency and disaster management